My Name Is

My name is
Yes, I actually have one
And maybe some day it will not
Be such a running, jumping, leaping
Distance between the word — the meaning — the shape
Of me

My name is
Bubbling up from the depths
Rocked by the crashing of tectonic plates
An explosion of destruction and creation

My name is
A bubble shattered by the slightest breath
Echoing aftershocks
Refracting, glancing, glimpses
Shimmering just beyond touch

My name is
Maybe, the mosaic of my humanness
Is a goblet
Not a cup
A cauldron
Not a frying pan
Maybe these differences matter
Maybe they are shouting

My name is
I can’t hear the sound above the fury

My name is
In the palm of my hand
Brought up to my heart
So close It can feel the beating of my body living
In a whisper
Because the story is too big
And it can only hold so much

My name is
I fought so hard to swim
Above the water the way you taught me
But my body needs to dive

My name is
Please show me I am loved
Please tell me I am not broken
Please hold me as I learn
What my name feels like on my tongue
Please don’t leave me

My name is
Of love, of time, of reaching out
Different, not broken
Fragile, resilient, striving, seen

My name is
The knowledge that I can dance
And that my body has a voice
That my voice has words
That my words give power
That my power is my name
And my name is who I am

My name is
I matter

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