Dear Old Friend

We sang together, you and I
And danced and wove stories into the nearly empty house.
But in one night all the threads were snapped.
Just like that, and not cleanly.
And in your wake there is a trail of people trying to be strong,
Keep it together, and not shed the tears they have every right to cry.
All because you couldn’t see the ripples of your actions
And when the dust settled, you refused to hear the song of our mourning.
So now we grieve for what we’ve lost and what we must do to be okay.
And it hurts to get that random text whispering of times gone by,
Waiting for me to echo the refrain of our happiness.
Because I still sing
The song of the people shattered by that night.
I sing my own song too, without your harmony
Without your lyrics, without you. And it hurts.
But I keep singing — my voice my beacon
For I am fumbling in the dark.

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