Flutter by, butterfly,
With gossamer wings that kiss the breeze.
Flit and flee
From shrub and wall,
For they see but cannot know
The shell you’ve left behind.
Flutter by, butterfly,
Skimming each surface
Without causing a ripple,
Without leaving a shadow,
Without staying to chat.
Flutter by, butterfly,
For now that you’re flying
You hold the power that helped you
To let go of the weight.

You designed your cocoon, flutter by, butterfly
Spun and spun until it gleamed and would not break.
You waited and grew,
Dissolved who you were,
You did not know the strength it would take.
You have many miles to beat your wings, flutter by, butterfly,
For you are tired of always soaring.
You hung on and spun on
And grew on and moved on
And fly on
Fly on.
Flutter by, dear butterfly,
For the sun is still shining
On gossamer wings
And the breeze hugs you back,
And you shine.

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