My Name Is

My name is Yes, I actually have one And maybe some day it will not Be such a running, jumping, leaping Distance between the word — the meaning — the shape Of me My name is Bubbling up from the depths Rocked by the crashing of tectonic plates An explosion of destruction and creation My … Continue reading My Name Is

Why I Choose Pride

Growing up, I was acutely aware that I did not belong. The proverbial elephant in the room, my identity was carved out of all the things I definitely was not. I was no one in any books or movies I watched. I was nowhere in conversations about what I could and could not do. I … Continue reading Why I Choose Pride


Thinks in poetry, lives in prose Dreams in colors she cannot understand The music of her words is lost In the starts and stops of Will they hear the song they asked for? The rhythm of her movements, of her hands conducting the world before her Hindered by chains of expectations stretching As far back … Continue reading Chains


Falling Weightless A sea of changes tosses me No shore in sight No star to guide I crest the waves Up Up Up Flying Weightless How far below is the ground? Clouds cannot break my fall Can I fall into the up? Drifting Weightless Spinning within the unmoored walls Of all the things I can … Continue reading Weightless

Be Aware

I am not "With" or "who has" As if me and myself could be separated I am not "Afflicted with" or "suffering from" As if me and myself are Damsel and demon trapped together in the highest room of the tallest tower Trying to get out Trying To get out I am not "In spite … Continue reading Be Aware


More than I see you They said, color in Your questions with me. More than I hear you, they said Teach me your song and I will Help you carry its weight. More than There is a place for you They said we Will move the boundaries, the borders, the bonds. Instead of Walk with … Continue reading More


Flutter by, butterfly, With gossamer wings that kiss the breeze. Flit and flee From shrub and wall, For they see but cannot know The shell you've left behind. Flutter by, butterfly, Skimming each surface Without causing a ripple, Without leaving a shadow, Without staying to chat. Flutter by, butterfly, For now that you're flying You … Continue reading Butterfly